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Project Voyage is an experience for Google Daydrem exploring collaborative virtual reality in a classroom setting, its impact in education, and the problems and successes that arise with putting an entire class in VR headsets. Our team of five focused in on the 7th grade topic of biomes and built a deciduous forest that an entire class could explore together along with team scavenger hunts.
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As a sound designer, one of the biggest challenges was figuring out how to let the students communicate with each other while still feeling immersed in the experience. If we add too much music or ambient sound, will the students be able to hear each other? If we don’t add any sound, will the students lose immersion of the forest? We were able to find a great middle ground where the only things we added in terms of sound were forest ambiences and sound effects. All the sounds were attached to different areas of the map (via unity’s GVR plugin) to give a sense of unique location as the students traveled around the map. Different bird songs were attached to certain trees throughout the area to mimic the diversity of the forest, our cave area had an amped up reverb zone, and lastly our main animals all had distinct calls to go with their animations. It’s somewhat simple in concept, but extremely effective!

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