I Expect You To Die 2

Lead Sound Designer | Sound Design | Implementation |Systems Development | Dialogue Recording/Editing/Integration | Music Composition/Integration/System Design | Mix


Music mix and implementation for the intro credits sequence


Full Level Showcases:



Operation: Stage Fright

The things I’m most proud of in this level are the dialogue logic and design (There is a lot of potential for overlapping/incorrect VO in this level and I developed the narrative logic to make sure the VO feels natural), and the differentiation between far and close audio objects.



Operation: Eaves Drop

In this level, I’m most proud of the attention to detail on the small intimate actions, like opening up and exploration the various drawers of the desk and the various interactables. 



Operation: Rising Phoenix

Here, I’m really proud of the differentiation between audio character as you move between the different floors of the building. The rise to the final floor and the music design in sync with the final actions of the player are also worth calling out.