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Some of my projects don’t necessarily fit into a neat, marketable category. Here is a compilation of sound design, strange appropriations and other things that may not be¬†defined as “music” in the traditional sense.








Tuesday Night at Gino’s Bar

Hobble your way tipsily through this sonic bar on one of it’s slower, but still entertaining nights. Wear headphones! Many thanks to Duff the Psych for his binural MP3s, Nina Guo for her voice and Brock Berrigan for allowing me to use and sample his track “Until Next Time”


Sonata no. 1 (A Study on Life at Music Conservatory)

Beethoven once said his music was, “too good for the peasant people” (citations needed). This piece tries to speak to that sentiment.



Katy Perry’s Hot N’ Cold cover performed on speakerphone and toy piano

In this recording, I (at the time residing in Boston) call my father who lives over 4,000 miles away in Poland, and connect my phone to the speakers in the room. My father then reads aloud the lyrics to Hot N’ Cold live while I¬†perform “alongside” him on the toy piano.

If Hitler Gave Speeches on the Orange line Train

My take on the age old question, “What would it sound like if Hitler gave speeches to unenthused train riders in 21st century Boston?”