Demo Reel




I have worked with and written music for large and small companies ranging from single person production studios to Fortune 100 companies. Some of these companies include PwC, SAP, HP, the Sundance Film Festival and Homic. I have written music that has appeared in films, commercials, and online videos. I am proficient in music software programs (such as Logic, Sibelius, and Wwise) thus being able to create an entire soundscape from scratch as well as having worked with and recorded live musicians.



HP: Living Progress (Animation by Dusty Grella)

Score written in collaboration with Kirk Pearson as a part of HP’s Living Progress campaign.

Homic: The Induction (Dir. Amitabh Joshi and Erik Spink)

Score written for a promotional video for the fashion line Homic.


What is Choice?

Small piano scores for the What is Choice? campaign by The Woman’s Foundation.

HP: Sundance House Bits