Chamber Works


Dimethyltryptamine (for String Quartet, Soprano, and Vibraphone)

A continuous song cycle for string quartet, soprano, and vibraphone. The text is taken from interviews in the film, “DMT, the Spirit Molecule.” based on studies into the effects of the drug dimethyltrypatamine, researched by Rick Strassman. Performed by Asha Carroll (soprano), Maria van der Sloot (violin), Alec Lindsay (violin), Linda Numagami (Viola), Sonia Mantell (cello), Dave Tarantino (vibes).

The American Dream (for soprano, harp, and an increasing larger ensemble)

A song cycle written for Nina Guo (the soprano) in three parts with growing instrumentation. All text is taken from 1950s PSAs that correspond to the title of each movement (The American Housewife, The Atomic Bomb, and The Fun of Making Friends).


That Time I Fell Off the Swings Once (for Clarinet, Double Bass and Percussion)

The things a city boy dreams of when there’s no swing set at his neighborhood park. Performed by: Luke Park (Clarinet), Nash Tomey (Bass), Sean Van Winkle (Percussion)

People Playing Basketball but with Cellos Instead of Basketballs (for String Quartet)

I was listening to some Schoenberg string quartets on youtube one day when I saw the top comment on one of the videos, “My three year old son says that this sounds like people playing basketball but with cellos instead of basketballs.” Couldn’t have said it better myself. Performed by: Maria Van Der Sloot (violin), Alec Lindsay (Violin), Linda Numagami (Viola), Sonia Mantell (Cello)

Milosc for 6 voices

Text by Maria Pawlikowska-Jasnorzewska:
Nie widziałam cię już od miesiąca.
I nic. Jestem może bledsza,
trochę śpiąca, trochę bardziej milcząca,
lecz można żyć bez powietrza!

Rough translation:
I haven’t seen you for almost a month.
So what. I am, perhaps, paler
a little tired, a little more silent
but now I know I can live without air.

Performend by: Nina Guo, Anneke Harger, Amanda Levy, Anne Hruskoci, Meghan Jolliffe, Liz Dickerson, Sam Jones, Michael Gonzalez, Matt O’Donnell, Zack Johnson, Zach Crowle, Riley Vogel

Full Orchestra

The Last Thing I Got in the Mail was the Socks (for Full Orchestra)

A reclusive man receives socks in the mail from his lover in Japan and realizes that he hasn’t interacted with the outside world in quite a while.

This piece was performed by the members of the NEC Philharmonic Orchestra and conducted by David Yi. It is dedicated to Leo Olivera whose quote, “The last thing I got in the mail was the socks,” I found comical and touching enough to base an entire piece around.

Plutchik’s Wheel (for Full Orchestra)

A condensed 4 minute version of a piece written in 2011; performed by the New York Philharmonic under Alan Gilbert


Ernie The Bulldozer (for Solo Violin)

A solo violin piece written for Alec Lindsay chronicling the adventures of Ernie the Bulldozer in three movements. Ernie Achieves Nirvana, Ernie Finds a Thing, Brock Invades Ernie’s Personal Space. Performed by Sarah Yakir.